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  • Dude replied on the discussion topic Yo, whats up with my unsolved topic?
    I have to agree with Samantha. However, I would highly adivse you to switch to Drupal, since it's a million times better, than Joomla, and Elgg. I've worked with Joomla, Mambo, WordPress, Nucleus and OsCommerce, in depth. Elgg is very simple to... view reply
  • Dude added a new discussion topic Yo, whats up with my unsolved topic? in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Below is the link to my previous post, that have been left un-answered. I'm seriously contemplating leaving this Community and contribute to Drupal. At least they don't mess up your Apache Logs like elgg do, etc. At first glance elgg seems really...
    • Samantha, i checked out the vinilla forum. I am certain I can fix this for you site without the issues you listed above. I would be happy to do so. Send me a private email on here and we will begin if you wish. 


    • @Dude No one has offered a solution to your problem because you are doing something unique that likely no one else has tried and so have no experiences to offer.  For me, I had nothing worthwhile to say, so I said nothing.  Also, I'm trying to find some of your contributions to Elgg...could you point me in the right direction?

      The forum issue has been discussed before and will likely be again.  I haven't yet heard a pro-forum argument that doesn't boil down to "Elgg's search needs to be improved" or "We don't want to change the way we communicate."  Forums will never be a part of Elgg core--It's simply not what Elgg is meant to do.  That said, there is nothing barring anyone from creating a forum plugin.  As a core developer, though, I'd rather work on fixing the outstanding bugs in Elgg and making speed and interface improvements that will be useful to everyone instead of writing a forum plugin that will be useful to a few.


    • @Samantha - Even though I have banned myself from using Facebook, I'm pretty sure the last time I looked at it there was no forum. Social Networking systems don't use forums. That's what the groups are for.

      @Dude - If you really need a forum get/make a plugin or find another way. You could always pay for a plugin to be made for you, there are lots of developers on this community who offer their services for a good price.

      Or, get Joomla. Install JFusion component that bridges between Joomla, Dokuwiki, phpbb, elgg automatically. Hey presto you've got elgg and a forum (plus Joomla and dokuwiki as an extra).

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