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  • Simone Tiberio added a new discussion topic Plugin Installation Issue in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi all,  I need some help with plugin installation on a web hosting. I have installed a plugin Event Manager onto my web hosting (123reg). When activating the plugin though, the website fails any...
    • Seems, you've downloaded Event manager from GitHub source page but not from releases. It's wrong.

      So the right way is:

      /mod/event_manager not /mod/event_manager-master

      Also, be sure that your Elgg version is compatible with this plugin.

      Now, how to fix your issue:

      1. If you see the Notice message on Administration only then dismiss it by clicking on x.

      2. You can activate Elgg Developers Tools plugin (available on your Plugins by default) and under Develop -> Tools menu section click on Entity Explorer tool.

      Enter your failed plugin guid: 39 -> Submit -> Remove this entity.


      Now you can install Event Manager again.

      Use the latest version for Elgg 2.3.x only. Version for Elgg 3.x under development yet.


      P.S. Join our Telegram channel if you want to receive timely news on the release of new versions of Elgg plugins with links to download them.