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  • shaughn2000 added a new discussion topic Change URL in the group General Discussion
    It appears with 3.3.14 the URL is located in the /var/www/html/elgg/elgg-config/php config files. If I want to change the URL is that the place to do it? I searched the database through metadata and config and there is no place for it there. I...
    • Read about Duplicate installation and select the part where URL changes.

      TL;DR you should change in the elgg-config/settings.php

      $CONFIG->wwwroot = ''


      and update webserver config.

      Then run upgrade.php

      That's all.

      I also noticed the db password is in clear text in the config file which concerns me.

      Don't worry about this - Elgg is very secure framework.

      Anyway, I suggest to set chmod 444 and chown localuser:localuser (where 'localuser' is second user after 'root' in your system) on elgg-config/settings.php  after installation (not before).