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  • Severinius replied on the discussion topic Elggx Fivestar 1.8.2
    @ DhrupDeScoop Thanks for yur answer. I´m a dummie in programming php. I need some more explanation. What do I have to move exactly to navigation/menu/elements/section to get an nice view of the plugin? I need the stars in a horziontal... view reply
  • Severinius added a new discussion topic Elggx Fivestar 1.8.2 in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Need some help changing the view of the Elggx Fivestar 1.8.2. Any suggestions to see the stars next to the edit button? Thanks in advance
    • What Dhrup means is that the Elgg core view in views/default/navigation/menu/elements/section.php builts up the entity menu. He suggested to add your code to this view - or better to create your own plugin to overwrite this view (that's the way to do it in Elgg to keep the core code unmodified).

      I'm not sure though, if this is the right way. First, if you modify this view by adding something like

      echo elgg_view("elggx_fivestar/voting", array(    'entity' => $entity,    'min' => true,    'subclass' => 'fivestar_subclass',    'outerId' => 'fivestar_rating_list',    'ratingTextClass' => 'fivestar_rating_text'));

      to it, you will get the rating widget added in any entity menu - even if you might not want to add rating capability to any kind of entity. The above code will also not work out-of-the-box here as you need to provide the entity ($entity). The missing CSS in your case (and not getting it to show in a horizontal view) is also due to the necessary class/id tags missing.

      Before I published the Fivestar plugin for Elgg I thought about adding the eating widget to the entity menu but then I decided against it. It takes a bit too much room (especially if the view is narrow like in widgets) and might even result in issues of overlapping items and strange looking line breaks.

      If you still want to add the rating widget to the entity menu, I would suggest to not modify any code (it should be possible this way) but adjust the config of the Elggx Fivestar plugin settings for this view accordingly. I don't remember the class name to be used to place it in the entity menu area right now but you should be able to find out the name using Firebug in Firefox (or similar tools in other browesers) to find out the name by studying the webpage source code.

    • 'some more explanation' will be not enough -- if, as you say, you are a '.. dummie in programming php' - you are going to have a lot, lot of difficulty in doing or tryng to do this ;) same as trying to fix your car, but never having seen under the hood! you can get very dirty or maybe hurt ;-P

      First thing to do is -> learn how to program in php, html, css, javascript, jquery, etc. Those are the skills needed for the kind of programming needed for Elgg. Then read up on the Elgg API in the Elgg docs Wiki.  amd try some examples for code practice. And then, if you have faithfully and sincerely done all your homework - you should be ready for this kind of 'php code' work.

      If you are looking for someone to hold your hand and tell you exactly what code to type and where to type, line by line - then that will not help you very much and also take a lot of time - someone else's and yours. And ion the end you will have learned nothing - except how to ask questions, get answers, type what you're told to type, perhaps make code typing mistakes.. There's not enough time and space here to do all that unless some other Dev wants to come here and waste their time - and post exact code here for you. and hope that you can type it all correctly.

      So - let's start off with some serious learning, shall we ? 


    • @iionly:

      " What Dhrup means is.. " is not what you wrote ;) because Dhrup never told you anything, did he ? !?;-P you are just reading 6 words i have posted and explaining with ' what iionly means ' Why try to put my name on your words ? take your credit for what you write, yourself ;-)

  • Severinius replied on the discussion topic Trouble uploading files with embed 1.8.1
    I'll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks for all the help! view reply
  • Severinius replied on the discussion topic Trouble uploading files with embed 1.8.1
    I just found 1 issue on the upload tab from embed. The rest of the site is running without any problems. I tried to disable a lot of plugins but not sure which inetract wtih the embed plugin. Thanks view reply
  • Severinius replied on the discussion topic Trouble uploading files with embed 1.8.1
    @sharon no, I´m using the core theme of elgg. @Matt How can I fix it? I´m not a programmer. When I hit the embed content button everything looks normal, only the upload tab is not working correct. Thanks fo the fast reply!   view reply
  • Severinius added a new discussion topic Trouble uploading files with embed 1.8.1 in the group Feedback and Planning
    Hi, I try to upload files with the core embeder. I´m using the latest 1.8.8 version. All the time I push the upload a file button, it opens a new tab. Any suggestions? Regards, Severeinius
  • Severinius joined the group Feedback and Planning
  • Severinius replied on the discussion topic content_area_group_title
    Thanks for your help. I will try it today... view reply