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  • sem released a new version of the plugin Videolist
    • emails come and emails go.. it is the heart that is re-membered all-ways ;)
      i prefer to just update the main elgg videolist repo once i get that process working as it is one less job for me to do and i already have too many.

    • U also get these elgg 1.10?

      "Deprecated in 1.9: register_notification_object is deprecated by elgg_register_notification_event()"

      Deprecated in 1.9: elgg_register_entity_url_handler is deprecated. Use the plugin hook in \ElggEntity::getURL()

    • When adding a youtube video i get this error , i´m using elgg 1.8.16

      Exception Object
      [message:protected] => String could not be parsed as XML
      [string:private] => exception 'Exception' with message 'String could not be parsed as XML' in /home/a9841557/public_html/mod/videolist/lib/Videolist/Platform/Youtube.php:41
      Stack trace:
      #0 /home/a9841557/public_html/mod/videolist/lib/Videolist/Platform/Youtube.php(41): SimpleXMLElement->__construct('')
      #1 /home/a9841557/public_html/mod/videolist/actions/videolist/edit.php(50): Videolist_Platform_Youtube->getData(Array)
      #2 /home/a9841557/public_html/engine/lib/actions.php(97): include('/home/a9841557/...')
      #3 /home/a9841557/public_html/engine/handlers/action_handler.php(20): action('videolist/edit')
      #4 {main}
      [code:protected] => 0
      [file:protected] => /home/a9841557/public_html/mod/videolist/lib/Videolist/Platform/Youtube.php
      [line:protected] => 41
      [trace:private] => Array
      [0] => Array
      [file] => /home/a9841557/public_html/mod/videolist/lib/Videolist/Platform/Youtube.php
      [line] => 41
      [function] => __construct
      [class] => SimpleXMLElement
      [type] => ->
      [args] => Array
      [0] => 
      [1] => Array
      [file] => /home/a9841557/public_html/mod/videolist/actions/videolist/edit.php
      [line] => 50
      [function] => getData
      [class] => Videolist_Platform_Youtube
      [type] => ->
      [args] => Array
      [0] => Array
      [video_id] => 885XEkYb_CM
      [2] => Array
      [file] => /home/a9841557/public_html/engine/lib/actions.php
      [line] => 97
      [args] => Array
      [0] => /home/a9841557/public_html/mod/videolist/actions/videolist/edit.php
      [function] => include
      [3] => Array
      [file] => /home/a9841557/public_html/engine/handlers/action_handler.php
      [line] => 20
      [function] => action
      [args] => Array
      [0] => videolist/edit
  • sem replied on the discussion topic Standard for vendors in large projects
    A possibility is to put all frequently required vendors in separate plugins, and then make plugins depend on them. For example, openid_client and openid_server depends on openid_api. view reply
  • sem commented on the plugin Videolist
    @latrevino This issue is solved with the most recent release:
  • sem released a new version of the plugin Videolist
    • here's another fix to remove the currently viewed video from the sidebar videolist block on the video watch pages:

      in videolist_block.php, replace the $options array definition with:

      $entity_guid = get_input('guid');

      $options = array(
          'container_guid' => $container_guid,
          'limit' => elgg_extract('limit', $vars, 6),
          'type' => 'object',
          'subtypes' => 'videolist_item',
          'full_view' => false,
          'pagination' => false,
          'wheres' => array('guid <> ' . $entity_guid), // exclude this item from list.

    • another fix. this is to correctly forward the page after a video has been deleted from the video's own page.. presently the page is forwarded back to the deleted video's old address which no longer exists.. (not sure why since the php logic looks ok).

      replace all code in the delete.php action file inclusive of and and below line 24: (if (!videolist_item->delete))) {

      replace with:

      if (!$videolist_item->delete()) {
      } else {
          if (elgg_instanceof($container, 'group')) {
          } else {


    • I have a problem in my community with this videolist and his notifications. I'm not an code expert but it's easy to see than every lenguage file (en, es, pt, etc) has diferent variables for notifications. In my case, the plugin sends only a notification title, without body text, and always like a "new video" if the notice is only a video commented. Anyone have a similar problem?

      Definitely I prefer VideoList against iZap Videos. The community iZap has long stop without answers.

  • sem commented on the plugin Related groups
    @krischan You may have another plugin overriding icon/default view, because the relatedgroups plugin has this tooltip.
  • sem replied on the discussion topic Elgg Bootcamp Deluxe
    This sounds great, Elgg will get a lot of strength this days. Consider in coorinate also non presential teams of 2 or 4 persons throught cloud9 (realtime collaborative IDE), so you can extend the hackathon to people who can't stay there. view reply
  • sem joined the group Performance and Scalability
  • sem replied on the discussion topic ayuda subir el limite establecido para subir archivos
    @DhrupDeScoop He want to make limit bigger than 5MB. jesus, Puedes loguearte como adminsitrador en tu Elgg y ir a esta página: http://TU_ELGG/admin/statistics/server Mira en Ruta del fichero PHP ini (puede variar según la... view reply