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  • Sure. I will wait for Final Release. Thanks
  • Hi Evan, Can I use "Elgg 2.0.0-alpha.2 Released" on production. as i am just using elgg blog and follow blog option . and using blog webservice on Mobile Device (Android) almost all other default plugin i disabled on...
  • saurabh replied on the discussion topic RESTful API use cases
    Hi Ismayil, Thanks for your reply. i will read more in details about API . I am not using Phonegap . I am using android and IOS to call my webserive. and i am calling this webserive by "" by HTTP JAVA... view reply
  • saurabh replied on the discussion topic RESTful API use cases
    Can some one please help. from last 6 hrs i am trying so hard but nothing able to understand :( :( :( .. Ismayil  code is to hard to understand :( :( :(   I found in DB there is "get" stored for the URL and header... view reply
  • saurabh replied on the discussion topic RESTful API use cases
    Hi Ismayil, Thanks for your plugin i have below issues on the plugin can you please help. 1. I am not able to understand the get and post of your API. can you please provide some example how to differentiate url to post a blog and get list... view reply
  • saurabh replied on the discussion topic RESTful API use cases
    Hi Ismayil, There is issue in the webserivce. If anyone hit API using any load testing tools. there is no way to stop them. they can easily increase the load on server by just hitting webservice URL. even if I create a JS which hit this API... view reply
  • saurabh replied on the discussion topic RESTful API use cases
    Hi Ismayil, I like this Idea. But I have a question what is the difference between "plugin your creating"and the plugin already in elgg. I am using elgg 1.8.16 webserivce plugin in one of my mobile project. and planing to update to... view reply
  • saurabh added a new discussion topic Suggestions for 2014 in the group Feedback and Planning
    Dear Evan, I really like (offline,realtime,mobile....) Option for elgg.. My suggestion would be can't we start working on above feature right now instead of focusing on feature as you mentioned above.. What I think it’s going to...
    • I really like (offline,realtime,mobile....) Option for elgg..

      Me too. But dreaming is not the same as implementing :).

      can't we start working on above feature right now

      Work has in fact already begun. However, work is not going to be sustainable unless we ship 1.9 and figure out how to get releases out the door much quicker. That means introducing fewer bugs, streamlining the release process itself, and perhaps changing our support policy slightly.

      elgg API not good :(..

      Which parts? Is it a general thing or some specific instances? The Elgg API surface is very large (which is a weakness, IMO), so it's hard to know what you're referring to here.

      maintenance is killing me

      It's killing us, too. I'd like low-maintenance to be a big focus going forward (for everyone involved: core team, developers, admins, end users).

      what I understood from elgg it’s a good framework to star with and then you can modify it to lot more

      Please improve your marketing..

      Agreed that Elgg is useful for a lot more than social networking. Changing how we pitch Elgg is not a small undertaking, but I think we could focus on "social web applications" moreso than "social networking". Networking is just one thing you can do with a social web application. In fact, "social" itself is probably a useless and overloaded term by now. What are we really saying when we say "social"? Basically just that you log in, see other people's activity, share content. 

      I used elgg in at least three of my start-ups they all are working good

      Great! Have you added them to the showcase? We'd like to continue growing that to attract more people to the platform.

      Let’s work more in mobile integration with smart phone

      Definitely going to be a focus going forward.

      Please Create elgg feature page and give details there what elgg can do.

      Need better docs in general, yes.

      Search really its pain to use any search engine still we have lot on issue..


      let’s make elgg one of the best frame work which can do lots of thinks like CMS for simple website, better blogging then wordpress, better and more feature then magneto

      My competetive spirit definitely would like to be "the best", but frankly that shouldn't be a goal in itself. We should focus on meeting well the needs of the people that want to use our software. I'm a developer wanting to use Elgg and I feel like I constantly run into issues with it and it slows me down in a lot of frustrating ways. We don't have big corporate funding like other projects so the only way to get more of the features you're talking about is to:

      1. Rely on third-party projects to provide those features (which we will start doing more with 1.10)
      2. Make the plugin and site development experience awesome so developers can easily add the features that need to be custom-built for Elgg.

      in near future elgg is going to die becoz it have just focus on social network

      This is FUD.

      our goal for 2.0 version hope fully this year only

      We'll see. I'd like that very much but there's a lot of work to do and I haven't even discussed my ideas with the other team members yet. There's a lot of details to work out still. Fortunately there's also a lot of movement in external communities for these same kinds of goals, so my hope is that we'll be able to just piggyback on their work and just pull everything together into a cohesive story moreso than implementing it all ourselves.



    • @evan thanks man

  • saurabh released a new version of the plugin CKEditor with Image Upload
  • saurabh commented on the plugin [Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X: Tidypics]
    @ iionly, Thanks for your time.. I am using HypeGallery 1.8.6 in elgg-1.8.9.. Its working fine for me even Flash uploader is better and user friendly.. I did not check over elgg-1.8.15 as i am still on elgg-1.8.9.. I do remember I did small...
  • saurabh commented on the plugin [Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X: Tidypics]
    Hi iionly, Just for Information you can check flash up loader of hypeGallery its working fine I am not sure what is the different between flash uploader of the Tidypics and hypeGallery but hypeGallery uploader is better and user friendly on...
  • saurabh replied on the discussion topic defult elgg File plugin issue
    @RvR,  above URL is basically for java related stuff.. Even I have seen the code of above plugin but no luck.. I am really not sure what is the problem why you can't play flash file. view reply