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  • Scotty57 replied on the discussion topic 404 on Members after upgrade to 1.9
    Ok, I STRICTLY followed the instructions for an upgrade from 1.8 to 1.9. perhaps I should rather do a clean install of 1.9 that still uses the old mysql database. That looks more promising IMHO than to clean the codebase that had nothing special to... view reply
  • Scotty57 replied on the discussion topic 404 on Members after upgrade to 1.9
    If done a tail -f errorlog within the shell while trying to access Members and I get no entry. Apart from Mobilize and Elggchat I have only the stock plugins. I de-activated the plugin "Members 1.9", Mobilize and Elggchat. The menu item of... view reply
  • Scotty57 added a new discussion topic 404 on Members after upgrade to 1.9 in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi all, after upgrade to 1.9.1 from 1.8.16 everything works fine except that I get a 404 on the list of all elgg members of my installation. The changelog says "* **members:** prevent members search with empty query...
    • Do you have the file nav.php in mod/members/views/default/members/.

      If you do, you must delete it.

    • I had the same problem as Scotty57 after upgrading to 1.9. As per the advice of Per Jensen, I removed nav.php in mod/members/views/default/members/ and the members plugin now functions correctly. Any insight into why this fixes the issue?


      It appears the issue with having nav.php might be found in mod/members/pages/members/index.php at line 8

    • This file was part of Elgg 1.8 but is no longer included in Elgg 1.9. Basically, any core file that is no longer part of the Elgg version a site gets upgraded to but remains on the server because you only copy the new version over the old version could result in problems. Therefore, I would always remove the files of the old version completely before installing the new version. As Juho suggested, you only need to keep .htaccess and settings.php from the old Elgg version and of course you can keep your 3rd party plugins in mods.