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  • Rick joined the group Elgg Technical Support
  • Rick commented on the plugin Event Manager
    Espinho is right, the root folder should be named event_manager."_V2.02" is for our internal files. My apologies!
  • Rick released a new version of the plugin Event Manager
    • In the Group main page the event create link is visible also if I set-up Who can create group events  = GroupOwners. 

      I'm not exper but I add this : 

      if ((($who_create_group_events == 'group_admin') && $page_owner->canEdit()) || (($who_create_group_events == 'members') && $page_owner->isMember($user))) {
          $new_link = elgg_view('output/url', array(
              'href' => "/events/event/new/" . $group->getGUID(),
              'text' => elgg_echo('event_manager:menu:new_event'),

      Is workng but I'm not sure if I made the right things





    • Greetings

      Has anyone experienced the event manager widget showing the wrong date? We're not sure why, but the widget shows tomorrow's date for an event happening today. If you hover over the icon, the correct date is shown; same if you select the event. Using version 8.1.1. Any hints would be very very much appreciated...

      With thanks

    • Ignore my last; timezone error :(

  • Rick commented on the plugin File Bulk Import
    Make sure you have the zip library available on your server, if not this plugin won't work.
  • Rick commented on the plugin Event Manager
    The 1.8 upgrade is in our todo, but don't expect it to be this year.
  • Rick released a new version of the plugin File Bulk Import
    • Yes Jeroen I have tried the File Tools for 1.8 but my site is 1.7.19 and if I enable File Tools plugin then this gives me an server error for the site.

      Any help would be very appreciated


    • hello all

      i got one problem with this plugin


      without the plugin enabled all the images eg say jpg upload the elgg knows what they are and shows a image from jpg,

      but when the plugin is enabled no matter what file, it doesn't show the image on say jpg, it just shows the preview as a like gear image and then u goto the file that you just uploaded and you don't get a preveiw at all.. can anyone help please
      an update from me.

      i tried 0.2.1 version of this plugin and uploaded that and enabled and that works and the mine type is correct so we ok there

      but the only thing is the plugin still isnt doing it right eg it uploads them but the files are still being blank and yet they are not blank

  • Rick released a new version of the plugin Event Manager
    • After enabling this plugin, and entering the API key from google, the following message is displayed:

      This web site needs a different Google Maps API key. A new key can be generated at http://code.google.com/apis/maps/signup.html.


      According to what I've read about this issue, the problem is that Google Maps Javascript API Version 3 does not require an API code. so I would hope that updating the API version to version 3 would make this plugin work.


    • this plugin works well in elgg as is environment. But when i add this plugin into my environment it doesnt work.. can anyone help me sort out this issue?

    • Is it possible to keep a common registration form for the event's registration. How can I handle that.. please help..


  • Rick commented on the plugin Event Manager
    @celsafarini The missing datepicker is fixed in the next release. The date format is editable in the datepicker's js that's included in the vendors folder. And aswell as other bugs, the RSVP is fixed too.   I will upload a new release in a...