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  • redonkuless joined the group Plugin Development
  • redonkuless commented on the plugin be_tom
    be_tom_v1.2 is a misconfigured plugin. It has been disabled. Please see the Elgg wiki for possible causes. running 1.7.1. Any ideas? current install on /mod/ be_tom_v1.2            ...
  • I'm not sure if you addressed this yet or not in all of the posts. But I just went to install this plugin. and basically it stated "this is a missconfigured plugin, please refer to elgg wiki regarding this issue" Any help or update would be...
  • redonkuless commented on the plugin Donation
    Disabling htmlawed worked for me. Not sure what would cause that, but you can say that it is comfirmed. Might want to look into fixing that if you have the ability to. Thanks - Redonkuless -
  • redonkuless commented on the plugin Donation
    I'm having the same type of issue luke, the donation widget shows up under dashboard but any time i paste the checkout button Code in side of the administration widget. The paypal: <button> doesnt show nor does it give the email address to...