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  • rbryn joined the group Elgg Technical Support
  • rbryn commented on the plugin Custom White Theme 1.1RC (ver 1.6.1+)
    Very nice!  NP so far!
  • rbryn commented on the plugin Custom index
    Hi, I'm trying to have two index pages, one for guests and one for logged in.  The login box and some other content would be substituted for new users, groups, activities, etc.  So, here is my index.php file content. The problem is that...
  • rbryn commented on the plugin Site Feedback Form
    Fabuloso!!!  I am working on a Spanish translation.  Since I am total Noob to php, how could I make sure the tab is translated as well as the basic content? Here is the es.php content   <?php   ...
  • rbryn commented on the plugin Riverdashboard extension
    Love the plugin!  Would like it in Spanish so I translated the en.php but am getting a parse error that I can't seem to fix. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in...
  • rbryn commented on the plugin Group Custom Layout
    IF you know what the issue is and can guide us then we can look inot how to make it work for 1.6.1.  WE would really appreciate that.  
  • rbryn replied on the discussion topic Elgg-Moodle Integration
    Thanks Dhrup,  any links?  This would be very helpful. rbryn view reply
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