About me: developing a church related Elgg site
Email: rankin@wejohnsons.org

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  • Rankin commented on the plugin Group extended
    Where are networks.php & organizations.php found? 
  • Rankin commented on the plugin Simple BlueWhite Theme
    I'm a newbie to elgg; so, this may be a simple question. I'm using eclipse as an IDE and having CSS problems.  I've changed the size of my logo because it has a different aspect ratio. The site name is now poorly placed. I've tried poking at...
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  • Rankin commented on the plugin Kneemail
    The "missing _token or _ts fields" has to do with a 'security token' which I think showed up in 1.7. I ran into the same problem with the "groups_extended" plugin.  That plugin's author came up with a patch. After I installed that, I could...
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  • Rankin commented on the plugin Group widgets
    Thank you. This plugin fixed problem(s?) I was having with profile_manager. I couldn't save new groups. Now I can have a group with multiple custom drop downs, and it will save & is usable.  (the silver lining is that I now have debugging...
  • Rankin commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    I'm new to elgg and seem to be having trouble with this plugin. I have sucessfully added fields to the user profile (eg: drop downs[gender, age group] and radio buttons [member:Y|N]). I can add users with the new fields, though I haven't yet figured...