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    PHP WARNING: 2013-02-10 17:09:36 (MSK): "SimpleXMLElement::__construct() [<a href='simplexmlelement.--construct'>simplexmlelement.--construct</a>]: &lt;?xml version=&quot;1.2&quot; encoding=&quot;UTF-8&quot;?&gt;"...
    • Matt Beckett, who were you answering in your reply? I egotistically just assumed it was me me me me me :)

      Can I put the getrss.php file the root Elgg folder?

      I have now turned on allow_url_fopen at my host, but I'm still getting the same errors.

    • You're better off turning your getrss into a plugin than adding things to root.  I don't know anything about the errors in that file, you'll have to debug that in the file itself.

  • r00t added a new discussion topic Bug in the group Elgg Technical Support
    After update I have in this stuing "$icon = sprintf('<a href="'.$video->getURL().'">%s</a>', $icon);" error "sprintf() [<a href='function.sprintf'>function.sprintf</a>]: Too few arguments" in file...
  • r00t added a new discussion topic function sprintf in the group Elgg Technical Support
     PHP warning function sprintf too few arguments. What think about bug?
  • r00t added a new discussion topic function sprintf in the group Elgg Technical Support
     PHP warning function sprintf too few arguments. What think about bug?
  • r00t added a new discussion topic No link in the group Elgg Technical Support
    NO link in registration letter
  • r00t uploaded a new plugin: Ru Language pack for izap-ecommerce
  • r00t created a page License in the group iZAP plugins discussion
    IZAP Ecommerce 1.8 for Elgg 1.8 Download 3.1 Ecommerce IZAP by r00t Last updated 3 hours ago Now you can make your site commercial by adding products that you wish to sell and the products that you intend to launch in the...
    • I think the matter is rather simple explained and taking into account the terms of use of community.elgg.org the consequences seem clear, too.

      The plugins were released here pretending they are licensed under GPLv2 while they are in fact licensed under GPLv3. Some of the plugins that were published here are originally not even licensed under any GPL license but using a commercial or some other restricted license. (As regarding changing a license: you are allowed to change the license "GPLv2 or later" to GPLv3 without asking the copyright holder but you are not allowed in any case to change GPLv3 back to GPLv2. But you are never ever allowed to change any non-GPL commercial license to GPLv2 for sure).

      After pointing this violation out to the user who uploaded these plugins he decided to disguise this by uploading new versions with altered license files and modified manifest.xml files - even leaving in the autosaved original manifest.xml files in at least one case.

      Apart from the violation of copyright it surely is bad style if nothing else to release plugins that were not abandoned by the original developer (IZAP). These plugins were not even altered in any way apart from fiddling with the copyright info. Well, if it were not for the issue with the license this would actually not be forbidden by the terms of use of the community site...

      But the terms are quite clear:

      Regarding allowed licenses for uploaded plugins:

      "Plugins must be released under a GPL2-compatible license."

      And regarding violation of copyright in the Basic Use terms:

      "11. You must not, in the use of community.elgg.org, violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws)."

      Violation of these terms results in:

      "Violation of any of these agreements will result in the termination of your community.elgg.org account."

    • Indeed, additionally I noticed you have set up a donations page that you had linked from the plugins page. Now that's unethical.

  • r00t replied on the discussion topic Adapt code for elgg
    dude, this code work  you may see here http://vkonekte.com/videochat.php view reply


  • erorr in Auctions bidding plugin bundle

    Last updated by r00t
    Who want help this problem error " The expiry date is in the past please set it in the Future"? r00t an hour ago I think error in "webIntFramework" plugin in file webintframework/lib/wi_shared.php in this code function...