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  • Co Lega added a new discussion topic URL error (action / actions) in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, my installation script takes me to the URL: http://localhost/elggtest/action/systemsettings/install instead of http://localhost/elggtest/actions/systemsettings/install which should be the correct path apparently (I found out browsing the...
    • The rewrite rules are there so that you can use URLs like /pg/profile/kicoe rather than URLS like /mod/profile/index.php?username=kicoe

      The rules have nothing to do with fixing spelling mistakes or making the install work.

      You probably do not need a rewrite base at all. Try it with the rewrite base commented out. RewriteEngine On should have already been set in your .htaccess

      If you do need to set rewrite base, it is the relative portion of your URL. If your site is reached at then it is /elgg/html/

    • Hi and thank you for your quick answer.

      Actually, there is now just this in my htaccess:

      SetEnv PHP_VER 5
      RewriteEngine On

      And I still have the message "The requested URL /elgg/http/action/systemsettings/install was not found on this server".

    • You should use the .htaccess file included with Elgg (htaccess_dist). You may need to add the line: SetEnv PHP_VER 5

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