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  • Patrik Bogdán replied on the discussion topic comment shown seperately
    Thank you, I'll check it out later :) view reply
  • Patrik Bogdán replied on the discussion topic comment shown seperately
    Well I don't want comments to appear above as an activity that cannot be liked or commented on. Comments should only be below the actual post i'm commenting on view reply
  • Patrik Bogdán replied on the discussion topic comment shown seperately
    Can it be changed? view reply
  • Patrik Bogdán added a new discussion topic comment shown seperately in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hey guys,my problem is that after i comment on a post on my elgg site, the comment will not only be shown under the post but it will also create a seperate post which i guess has to do with activity or something like that, but i really don't want...
    • I don't fully understand the sense of preventing the separate river entries on new comments made getting created. It might look (on a testing site) that the separate entry appears immediately over the river entry that the comment has been made on. But this is rather untypical. If a comment is made days / weeks / months after the commented entity has been created this original river entry can already be many pages back on the activity page an no one will will know about the new comment (maybe apart from the member who created the entity that was commented). Also, the list below the river entry will only show the 3 most recent comments but not any earlier comments. Not creating separate entries is quite against the idea of the activity river which is meant to inform the site members about what is going on (has been going on since their last visit).

      Nonetheless, the following should work to prevent the separate comment entries getting created in the river (not tested myself though).

      In init function of your "river entry customization plugin" add:

      elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('creating', 'river', 'no_comment_entries_in_river');

      and then add the no_comment_entries_in_river() callback function to start.php:

      function no_comment_entries_in_river($hook, $type, $returnvalue, $params) {

          $action_type = $returnvalue['action_type'];
          if ($action_type == 'comment') {
              return false;

    • I know what he means. The problem is that as well as the comment being made directly under the post in the river, there is a secondf copy of the comment made as a seperate activity above the original post.... Personally i think it's unnecessary.. and takes up needed space on the wall.

    • I'm working on the same thing. here is what I did. Tested and working.


      copy the file to:

      go to aprox line 80 and delete the function:

      save the new file.

      go to elgg/mod/your_plugin_name/start.php

      add to the your_plugin_name-init function

      $action_path = elgg_get_plugins_path() . 'your_plugin_name/actions';
      elgg_register_action('comment/save', $action_path.'/comment/save.php', '');

      Save your start.php file and you're done...

      I do agree with the logic of @iionly but I run Latest Comments in the sidebar.