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  • Pablo replied on the discussion topic Database error when intall
    Just copy files Phinx 0.11.1 to /vendor/robmorgan/phinx/ Works for me, tanks RvR!   view reply
  • Pablo added a new discussion topic Database error when intall in the group Elgg Technical Support
    "There was an error creating the Elgg database and installation cannot continue. Review the message above and correct any problems. If you need more help, visit the Install troubleshooting link below or post to the Elgg community...
    • Can anyone confirm a fresh install

      Confirmed on:

      - Ubuntu/Nginx/PHP 7.1/Maria DB 10

      - Debian 9/Nginx/PHP 7.3/Maria DB 10

      - Windows 10/Apache/PHP 7.3/MySQL 5.7

      Tried CLI (composer install) and web interface (browser) both.

    • Thanks, guess I'll try on a remote Linux later.

    • Solved: After confirming the phinx package updates in 3.1.5, it became obvious that I had a different issue going to the same error message. I eventually hit an informative error message while doing something else. "innodb_force_recovery" was commented in ampps conf\my.ini from a previous issue and preventing writes. -> as a related question; Is there a method to disable elgg's error interception?
      Thanks for confirming the installs, that helped a lot.