• oseg commented on the plugin Advanced Notifications
    Dear Jerome, I found a small regression in v3.2.1 with private (invisible) groups: I proposed a fix: Best, oseg
  • oseg commented on the plugin Elgg Cookieconsent
    Hello, For your information, I fork this plugin and integrate v3.1 of insites cookieconsent plugin ( My plugin is available here: Best, oseg
  • oseg replied on the discussion topic File save error
    Hello Jamie, The issue is still reproduced in elgg v2.3.8, I have just created an issue ticket on github: Best regards, Olivier view reply
  • oseg replied on the discussion topic Mentions-Plugin for 2.2
    Hello, I forked Elgg/mentions plugin (the one Ismayil worked on) and fixed some notification issues in branch 2.3: It seems ok now, I created a pull request:... view reply
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  • oseg commented on the plugin [Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Elggx Fivestar]
    Hi iionly, I have got 2 questions: Is it possible to add a vote of 0 ? It seems that the UI doesn't allow it... Is it possible to remove a vote? I noticed that there is some code to remove an annotation in elggx_fivestar_vote()...
  • oseg commented on the plugin River Privacy
    According to github, release v3.0.0 should not contain the following file: river_privacy\views\default\page\components\list.php This may cause an issue with latest elgg version
  • oseg commented on the plugin Widget Manager
    Hello Jeroen, I don't want to migrate to quicklinks now, I did an extraction of "favorites" into a separate plugin: Kind regards, oseg