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  • Omer Yariv added a new discussion topic Is Elgg the one for me? in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, I'm about to start a project that will be kind of a group-based social network. What I mean is that the community will be around groups of interest. Each registered user will be able to join any group (with the group admin's permission). Each...
    • MenuMonk:

      the docs are linked in the top menu of this site and there is quite a bit of information there. When people say that Elgg needs better documentation, I never quite know what they mean. I find it adequate. Do you mean that there is simply no information describing what you want to do, or that you can't understand the docs, or that they are not translated into your language?

    • I would love to find a table of contents that tells me where each part of the site is saved. Such as footer - I had to search through folders and then the "view" folder under "pages" had a file called footer.php . So I was able to edit some stuff. But now I'm searching for the top menu bar that says - "dashboard" "setting" do you know where that is?overall I love the functionality of elgg and the concept.

    • @Omar: Everyone have a different requirements & perceptions of what is a "good" social network system. Since Elgg is free, give a try yourself for a week or two, and you will know whether it's for you (from technical & usage perspective). There are other options as well like (Free/Paid), (Paid) and more. Good luck. :)