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  • Patrick Taylor replied on the discussion topic How to keep some special names not to be registerable? in the group General Discussion
    Some name such as: admin, administer, the site's name etc.
    • @Carlos
      Sydney ==> various suburbs, UTS (aka NSWIT) CompSci.  Also worked several companies there b4 USA ;-)  My family still there.  And once I drove down to Melbourne too ;-) BTW: My Espanol is from Google Translate LOL ;-)

      If you're game enough to work on such a PlugIn for free LOL - I suppose you already know => simply override register.php, actions, forms, etc.  Site Access plugin (http:// pg/ plugins/ shellcode/ read/63879/site-access  I believe does similar things -- good place to start...

      But it might be easier as you said => do a PlugIn with JS onChange on the register form in views/default, but the JS will be visible ;-( Php not so..

    • @Dhrup.. That's cool.. I know UTS very well, I did my first law course at the UTS in Boradway. I lived in Sydney for 12 years, so I know it well.

      For the plugin, I was just gonna do a simple one.. just throw the JS on the form code itself and trigger it with an 'onChange' event. It might not be perfect, but it should do the trick. As you said, I'm not crazy enough to do a hack or a plugin in php for free lol.. I'm having enough trouble finding time to do paid jobs.

    • Hmm ;-)

      My first year  I rented in Chippendale 1/2 mile away.. Rose Street ;-) could walk to UTS anytime any weather.. but I did move away Dulwich Hill, and other suburbs.. etc etc. Man  those years, eating Meat Buns + Chinese Tea at China Town down the road, getting to classes late ;-) Memories...;; I went back in 2007 to Sydney and NewCastle for abt 2/ 3 weeks... Heyy email message me directly to get my email and maybe we can chat or something sometime...

      Maybe JdLeung will want to PayPal you some funding $$'s for the code LOL;


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