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    This week i found this two new possibilities of syncing Joomla and Elgg users, JConnect, already live, is working with Joomla and Elgg 1.5. It even include a Joomla module to show latest Elgg users in Joomla. Cool ! More info...
    • I think the emphasis, jimbob, unfortunately, is on Joomla and not Elgg.  This is why it is JConnekt and  not EConnekt.  ...So, Elgg users are aware of this only because of the bridge between Joomla and Elgg.  If they chose another social engine, we might not have heard about it yet.

      However, there are other CMS' that are better than Joomla and it would be interesting if these could be connected with a bridge.  There are also open source ecommerce solutions, which would be interesting to bridge.

    • Surely you're not trying to say that Drupal is better than Joomla? I'm shocked!

      OSCommerce / Magento would be nice I agree... also limesurvey version 2 looks pretty cool.

    • No, not Drupal.  :-)  ...A lesser known, but better CMS.  :-)   ...Also, there are better ecommerce solutions, open source, that are better than OSCommerce and Magento.  :-)  ...I'll leave these as a homework assignment for you.  :-)

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