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  • ofo replied on the discussion topic Elgg Read Only
    Thank you for reply Ismayil...We are testing a few functionalities thus we wanted to make it read only for a certain period of time.   view reply
  • ofo added a new discussion topic Elgg Read Only in the group General Discussion
    How can I make the whole elgg site read only. Thank you.
  • ofo added a new discussion topic Download all files in the group General Discussion
    I have written a php script to download all the files on my elgg project but the problem is when I log out I cannot download the files and get the error message "sorry,files not available at this time". The php script is inside the mod...
  • ofo added a new discussion topic Data Export-Groups and users in the group General Discussion
    How can I get or rather export a group with its users?
  • ofo added a new discussion topic File Tools in the group General Discussion
    Hi,I have activated files tools on my elgg platform version 1.8.18 and I am getting the following error: Fatal error: Call to a member function getURL() on boolean in /mod/file_tools/views/default/object/file.php on line 27 Please assist.
    • Assuming the files_tools plugin on your system is compatible with 1.8, this error would likely be caused by a file that has been deleted or is not accessible by the user requesting it. What were you doing when we see the error? Are you logged in as an admin?

    • I guess it might be an access level issue, possibly connected with a Files entry within a (restricted?) group. There was an issue in older Elgg versions (as it seems at least up to Elgg 1.8) where it could happen that an entity itself was visible (or stuff like a river entry connected with this entity) but due to a more restricted access level of the container entity of this entity (e.g. container could be a group) accessing the entity itself failed.

      I'm not 100% sure this is the case here but I suspect it is. Only solution then would be to upgrade to a newer Elgg version than 1.8 where this problem got fixed (hiding everything of an entity if the user lacks the necessary permissions to access the container entity).

  • Hi, Which file will I need to change so that my widgets can have the title on the left and an image on the right.For example I have the latest files widget which has the title Latest files now I need to add an image and align it to the...
  • ofo replied on the discussion topic Plugin file tools
    @Annivzinal Did you successfully install the File tools plugin for elgg 2 and is it working fine as I am having trouble with it because when I click the make folder button nothing is happening.? view reply
  • ofo added a new discussion topic Sub Album in the group Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin
    Hallo...How can I create the ability to create sub albums that is an album within an album or is this functionality available?
    • Tidypics does not support subalbums. It would also not be easy to implement. Basically, you would have to rewrite the whole plugin - and that's not my plan at all.