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  • Human Connect commented on the plugin Search Members 1.1
    upgrade.php done ?
  • Human Connect released a new version of the plugin Search Members 1.1
    • So,...
      161 downloads in a few weeks, so far nobody replies if it works or doesn't.
      Same for the previous version, it didn't work but nobody seems to care and they just moved on.

      A few weeks ago, searching profile fields was about the holy grail for a lot of members here and now there is a plugin nobody cares responding on?

      The first version didn't work, I discovered that there was no CSS file, so the divs just didn't appear.
      I sent the author a message with the reason why his plugin was not working. He corrected this later and added the CSS file.
      But still no sign from anyone that succesfully installed this with the 'corrected' version?

      It still didn't work for me, so I looked at the plugin itself.

      No problem with javascript/pages/div's not loading I could load any content in any div without a problem, so the problem would be somewhere else. I noticed that the one thing that should make the whole thing load in your browser is the " contentwrapper" function wich is used in the search and the result pages.

      Allright... But, too bad, the contentwrapper is no longer used in 1.8
      So what to do? There still is a wrapper element with a deprecated message. the lib/view didn't load this page, so I had to add a line to the start.php of this plugin:

      elgg_extend_view('page_elements/contentwrapper', 'page/elements/wrapper');

      Fortunately the plugin loads now, with deprecated messages, but at least it loads.
      Does it work? Well...sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.
      I tried it out for a few minutes and at least here are some bugs:

      • multiselect doesn't work
      • it seems to filter on words instead of the actual values of the answers.
        ex. a dropdown question with 3 possible answers: "one", "one and a half", "twoo"
        Users who answer "one and a half" will come up when you search for both "one" and "one and a half".

      So, there is still some work I suppose, and I am really afraid of the scalability of this plugin.

      A question for the author: Did you test this before you released it? You even recommended your own plugin while it wasn't working. Maybe it would be a good idea to put this on github, so that everyone could help fixing.

      And last but not least @the author: Thank you anyway! I really appreciate the work and the fact that you made this public, really.

    • How can i modify the plugin to search the users by GUID. 

    • Where are the pictures that mentioned in point 6?


  • Human Connect commented on the plugin French language pack + 60 plugins
    @w2f : no, the zip file contains 2 folders "languages" and "mod". They contains only the language files for the plugins and the generic language file, so you need to transfer the 2 folders to your Elgg root, only the language files in "language" and...
  • Human Connect commented on the plugin Bookmark Tools
    Nice job ! it works fine in groups but no on /bookmarks/all where I don't see the folder tree
  • Human Connect replied on the discussion topic How can I get the "real" urls of the files ?
    I don't understant, there is a useful Elgg function for this feature : getFilenameOnFilestore() and it works fine (real path+filename)   view reply
  • Human Connect commented on the plugin Roles
    @nooby : Done !
  • Human Connect commented on the plugin Roles
    We used this amazing plugin to build a new version with these features :  Roles creation/mod/del (by admin), specifying wich group/s are allowed. Account creation (admin panel) with Role for the member (the new member joins automatically...
  • Human Connect replied on the discussion topic Print button
    Hey Koo,  I found this, made by the excellent ColdTrick team : Is it accurate for your needs ? view reply