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  • nxqamar replied on the discussion topic Removing group's blog option
    I have a similar question: What if I need to add add_group_tool_option() but I am not sure what goes in the $name parameter? For example in the above example it can be either 'blog' or 'file' derived/dependant from those respective plug-ins. But in... view reply
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    kevin, upon further investigating, i found two plug-ins that used parent_guid instances. I disabled those two plug-ins but I am still getting the same error. DatabaseException Unknown column 'a.parent_guid' in 'where clause' QUERY:...
  • nxqamar commented on the plugin Polls
    Hi Kevin, I am getting an error and up to this point I have read all the comments and did fixes here and there to make other errors go. But i cant get rid of the following error. I will keep you posted if I find a solution. I have also attached...