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  • eugene commented on the plugin OAuth
    Wrong parameter names in get entities method: elgg_get_entities_from_metadata(array('meta_names' => 'requestToken', 'meta_values' => $tokenKey, 'types' => 'object', 'subtypes' => 'oauthtoken', 'limit' => 1)); proper key name is...
  • eugene commented on the plugin OAuth
    @Justin, Was able to find "Registered Consumer Applications" on 1.7 (triyed that version) but there is no such link on 1.8 I'm going to investigate, if I can workaround that, but are there any plans about adopting oAuth to 1.8 ? thanks for...
  • eugene joined the group Feedback and Planning
  • eugene commented on the plugin OAuth
    Hi Justin, I'm developer who is trying to access my API on Elgg 1.8 using OAuth. I unexpectadly found that there is no Register New Consummer link. But actually there is an OAuth Plugin anabled on the plugin page. Does OAuth plugin works fine on...