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    Hi, the plugin is not working with Elgg Release - 2.3.4, Version - 2016092300. If the plug is enabled ontop of the core (bundled) ckeditor plug, all the menus disappear.
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    When a new profile field is added, it only affects a new registered user. The newly added field is not available for exsiting users. Elgg ver 2.34
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    I love this plug. It works like a magic for 1.9. Can anyone update this plug for Elgg 2.3.4
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    This is an excellent plug. I am wondering if this plug can act like a widget like online users
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    Dear Group 179063, I am using Elgg version : Release - 2.3.4, Version - 2016092300. for mysite www/ With the above release I find that File upload function is only limited to word, txt files, and images. I am unable to upload mp3,...
    • It should work on Elgg 2.3.4 without problems if upload_max_filesize and post_max_size as set in .htaccess (or the server's php.ini) are not the restricting factor. The values displayed on the Server Info page (under "Administer" - "Statistics") are the values used by Elgg.

      If the limits are not the problem, which version of Elgg do you refer to when you say that it worked in the past? Could it be that you have a 3rd party plugin in use that is not fully compatible with Elgg 2.x? For testing it might help to disable all 3rd party plugins temporarily to see if the upload works then. Also, I don't know if the fileinfo php extension might be a necessity now with Elgg 2.x while it might not have been in the past. You might want to check if it's installed and if not try it again after installing it. Beside no restrictions regardiing file type uploading, the html5 playback of audio should work (at least with mp3). Video playback does not work without additional plugins though.