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  • mscobia replied on the discussion topic Restricting mail
    I am not having that issue but I am running into a problem with people not getting their activate email once they register. Is there a way to speed this up or a different way for them to register ? view reply
  • mscobia added a new discussion topic Newbee Question in the group Elgg Technical Support
      Ok I have tried a few plug-ins all with the same results. Your "name of plug-in" has been disabled check wiki for clues ??? Wanted to change the theme to Simple BlueWhite : I am new and just installed elgg 1.7.1 last night....
    • hi mscobia...

      can u list the pluggins u downloaded and tried to install

      with their elgg urls....

      Most probably the case is that - most plugins when unzipped contain 2 folders- one outer folder and one inner folder which is the real pluggin folder (that which has to be uploaded to mod directory). You might have unzipped and uploaded the entire folder into your server and not the exact pluggin directory...

      anyway pls list the plugs... I'll look into it :)


      HaPPy ElGGInG

      Do GooD :)

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    • After unzipping a plugin upload the whole folder to the mod folder.


      Download plugin 'requestnotifications'
      Unzip you are left with a 'requestnotifications' folder
      Upload entire folder (not it's contents) to mod folder
      Enable plugin

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