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    I'm trying to install Elgg on a vanilla install of Ubuntu 10.04 (Server 64-bit)...  I'm following this ubuntu guide from the docs page. I'm having some difficulty with step 6. 6. Edit /etc/apache2/available_sites/default to allow URL...
    • HI

      1.- The script delete all your php 5.3 files and Install php 5.2

      This means in the moment of reinstall the system ask for keep your php old configurations or write a new

      I pinning the PHP version Because if not The next time you install any Php module or possible the next time you upgrade your system. Ubuntu go to change again your php 5.2 for 5.3

      The system to stop that is pinning the php version :)

      Again Elgg work in PHP 5.3 but many plugin only work correct in 5.2.

      Also Joomla, a2billing ... not work correct in Php 5.3. The recomendation of the Ubuntu community is downgrade to 5.2




    • Thanks for the explanation Jacob.  I didn't realize php 5.3 was that unloved in the Ubuntu community ;)

      I develop Elgg on PHP 5.3.1.  There have been a few reported cases of problems with 5.3, but I haven't been able to duplicate these problems.  Just out of curiosity, which plugins don't work correctly in 5.3?

    • UHm By example the plugins of video and others I never make work in php 5.3

      And is not a question of unloved is a question of many other scripts also  not from elgg not work fine