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    I have used GoDaddy as domain registrar for long time. Only recently got involved w/ their hosting area for admin on my Friend's elgg site. They use "Hosting Control Center" which I find cumbersome. It has similar functionality as cPanel, but for my...
    • I started out using GoDaddy, but quickly switched to  As you said, everything seems to run extremely slowly.  I also had a lot of trouble with the Elgg install script.  I installed it in a subdirectory rather than the root and I could not get the css to work.  I tried looking at the paths in the database, which is usually the issue when this happens with Elgg, but there was no problem.  GoDaddy support were unable to help me with the problem.

      I still use them as a domain registrar, but avoid their hosting.

  • Matt Leifer replied on the discussion topic Language overrides in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi All, Has anyone else had any trouble with language overrides in a plugin on upgrading to Elgg1.5.  It is simply not working for me.  Has the mechanism for language overrides changed? Thanks.
    • According to the PHP documentation "The + operator appends elements of remaining keys from the right handed array to the left handed, whereas duplicated keys are NOT overwritten." Both + and += map to the same function add_function() which calls a hash merge function with the override parameter set to off.

      If language file loading is a significant part of the page load time, it would seem that caching the results would be very useful.

    • @Cash

      Your suggestion didn't work for me except that is broke anything related to that function.

      @Marcus Povey

      Your solution gave me this:

      Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /mysite/elgg/engine/lib/languages.php on line 39

    • I think they both should work. Mine was just the original code from Elgg 1.2. 

      Try this:

      $CONFIG->translations[$country_code] = $language_array + $CONFIG->translations[$country_code];

  • Matt Leifer replied on the discussion topic Hosting Companies General Discussion in the group General Discussion
    This is for any *general discussions about Hosting companies w/Elgg
    • Matt> I presume that above comment was a "thinly disguised" dig at me for posting the SocialTrak thread as well ;)?

      Fair enough though if you folks want to keep the threads neutral that is understandable :) 

    • Matt: Please point oit to me (via private message if you like) and I'll review any post's text for 'neutrality' and act on oi.

      Andy: sorta ok tho yr username does look like an ad in itself ;-)

      This group is anyways to present Egllsters' opinions, experiences, pros, cons --

      That's why [ I ] created  this group -- after seeing [ "(seeing that Dave Tosh @ Elgg wired  request for this kind of info)" . More people post - the better idea we will all have of different hosts.

      When I notice anyone mentionig a new Host - I will usually post a skeleton description here for others to post on along.

    • Making one pitch doesn't bother me.  You are far from being in disguise. 

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