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  • mink added a new discussion topic Setting up LDAP on 1.8 in the group Feedback and Planning
    Hi, I have just started playing with elgg so forgive me in advance if I ask any dumb questions.  I have setup ldap on my apache server and this works ok.  Have installed ldap_auth plugin but struggling to get this to work.  I guess...
    • What do you mean by "setup ldap on my apache server"?

      I haven't tried it, but the ldap_auth plugin should work without any modifications with 1.8.

    • I have tried it and meanwhile I was copiying the exact Data which made elgg 1.7.10 connect to LDAP in the LDAP-Settings of 1.8 it could not connect and authenticate any in my LDAP-Server registered user.

      Please test the LDAP-Plugin for 1.8 since it is one of the most important plugins!



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