• mato commented on the plugin Omni Inviter 1.0 Beta 3
    Thank you for your answer. I don't have the necessary knowledge myself to take over maintenance of this plugin. If I succeed in fixing the bug, I will post my solution here as a comment. By the way, I follow you work on the SVN, and I can tell you...
  • mato commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    @Martinez Joeren already explicitely said he would not make it compatible with 1.6.1, as he's waiting for 1.7 final (which is supposed to get out of SVN any time soon, by the way).
  • mato commented on the plugin Omni Inviter 1.0 Beta 3
    Hello Bret, your plugin worked well for some time, but Facebook updated the way friends retrieving works... So now, as Y.W.S. said, we have to update Openinviter version, that leads to the error he has reported. I tried to look at your wrapper...
  • mato commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    i used previous version with elgg 1.5... Now that forms have been "secured with tokens and action gatekeeper", is this plugin compatible with 1.6.1 ? Has anyone tried ? I will test anyway and report.
  • mato replied on the discussion topic Payment Gateway
    hi, did you get any further with the payment gateway ? Mato view reply
  • mato commented on the plugin CKEditor - Replaces TinyMCE
    Hello, I love this new editor ! Only problem is with static pages : it is only loaded once, on the second textarea. On the first one (where you can edit the lefthand block of the front page) it simply doesn't show.
  • mato commented on the plugin Custom index with widgets
    Great mod ! Your patch fixes the mix between area2 and 3 as you save in admin (just after save, the 2 areas are switched when the patch is not applied). But the two areas are still scrambled in front (on my test server, using any template). Also,...

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