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  • madbiz added a new discussion topic How to monetizing elgg website! in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Where can I find tools and plugins to monetize my website, i.e. ad space, membership fees, direct sales, banners, affiliate programs, RSS feeds, etc.?
    • Monetizing an Elgg site will happen, but only when the people innovate from an "educational/club house" platform into a profound business model! It amazes me how few people undertstand this point. Elgg is a great "European/egalitarian" platform. A place to come into one's home, sit down, and enjoy a cup of tea.

      When that experience can be made  "rich" enough, it will monetize!

      99% of what I see going on is nothing but "tea rooms".

      Good luck all!



    • Well giving benefits for our members are number one in my opinion and yes monetizing is not always important if you get the fund from other business or your own pocket. I dont know a social networking that doesnt create revenue, is there any ? I mean serious ones and long term goal.

      @TahoeBilly thats what I am building now. I am developing a business model for a niche social networking and trying to use elgg.  Agree that changing from educational, clubhouse to profound business model is the key here as elgg comes from educational platform. So now I am thinking to change the site less elggier :) and more professional.


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