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    Nice plugin! I also have the problem with the very long list in the dashboard widget which doesn't listen to the plugin settings. Als maybe add some pagination options particularly for the "all" view as with a big site the list can become very long....
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    Nice plugin, works like a charm. Thanks Jeroen!
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    @Ravindra As you know pulling the profile is not part of this plugin, so I'm assuming that you have registered this action in your plugin start.php. To do the actual pulling then you have to first get the users action token which is saved as a...
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    @Ravindra Yes.
  • dr commented on the plugin Linkedin service
    @Jeremy You can't. This is not a login with LinkedIn credentials plugin. There are other plugins that do that. This plugin let's users import data from their LinkedIn account. The functionality is comparable to the twitterservice plugin.
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    Again I am a great fan of this plugin! Very nice work!
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    This error shows up as well when you try to upload a picture that is not in of the three required image formats (GIF, JPG or PNG). You can also try if you can upload a group icon the groups plugin. If that also fails then it's probably an error in... view reply