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  • lx3r commented on the plugin Access Plus
    This plugin doesnt seem to work for 1.8 I get all kinds of errors about depricated functions. it seems to be a 1.7 (?)
  • lx3r commented on the plugin Minify
    Sorry, but this doesn't sound like a smart idea. what takes time isn't the actual data transmitted acros the line. A simple image is usually bigger then the CSS. More importantly, the browser also 'caches' files that are included like CSS and JS,...
  • lx3r commented on the plugin Widget Manager
    great plugin! However, I see a '/'  used in the id's of some divs.  I don't think they were there before I enabled the plugin.  Problem with using a forwardslash is that it won't validate as valid XHTML. Could I simply replace these...
  • Jeff Tilson, but isn't the view only for the main content? i mean, how ould that change the pageshell?   Fabrice, Could you please say that in again in a way that is somewhat easier to understand?     view reply
  • lx3r replied on the discussion topic How to use Multiple SubDomains to make site faster
    this is rediculous.  the serverload would still be the same, and if d/l speed is a problem then move your site to a better provider... also, such an idea would cause problems when using ssl/https.   view reply
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  • lx3r added a new discussion topic allow access to multiple access_collections ? in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I trying to find a way to show some (blog)posts to multiple groups in my contactlist. What would be a good strategy to do such a thing? because the datamodel allows for just one access-level /group   any help would be appreciated. ...
    • No way to do it with standard Elgg. You could write a plugin that allows you to create super-access lists that combine two or more access lists.

    • That was what I want to do.

      However, I'm not an expert when it comes to the data-model and such, so I'm asking for some advice.

      /lib/access.php needs a rewrite for this, but is that the only place where some access-checking is handled?