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  • lowkey1979 added a new discussion topic A very noobish problem in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi there, This is probably a VERY obvious answer to everyone out there, but here's my issue: I've got Elgg set up on my LAMP stack just fine, and I've just started to tinker with the CSS a little. So, to confirm that Win32 browsers are displaying...
    • Lovegin John


      Please ensure that the URL that you type from your Laptop is the same that you gave in during the installation process. Please update it from your PC (administration=>site administration) and try again from your laptop.


      It may help...

    • Elgg uses the server settings you gave it when installing to build paths.  If you installed Elgg with the address "http://localhost/" then it will output links for that site.  Lovegin's advice should work fine, but if not, since you are just testing right now you could always do a fresh install and use your IP address instead of localhost.