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  • jerbalm commented on the plugin Site Access 2.6 - Full working release for 1.7 -
    I once did a silly mistake and deleted the plugin from the server without disabling it first. When I tried to reinstall, it wouldn't work and returned: "Site Access 2.4 is a misconfigured plugin. It has been disabled. Please see the Elgg wiki for...
  • jerbalm commented on the plugin Announcement Pages
    How can I embed the announcements as a widget on my main paige? it doesn't appear in my "index widgetisation" where I configure which widgets are shown on the landing page. Thanks
  • jerbalm commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    Hi, thanks for the cool plugin. I have some questions: 1. Most importantly: although I mark certain profile fields in the admin panel to be shown in simple and advanced search, they do not appear in the member search. What do I need to change in...