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  • learning commented on the plugin [Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Captcha]
    Hi ! I have started using this plugin but am still seeing about 50 bots/day getting past the registeration page and asking for their Account to be validated ( Administrater validation is on ) Is this to be expected ? What can I do that these bots...
  • learning commented on the plugin share plus
    Hi ! I am tryin to use this Plugin... On my Tab the share buttons come on OK, but on my PC they don't show up .. ?? What could I be doing wrong ? All help appreciated !
  • learning replied on the discussion topic User name in topbar
    @RvR Trying to do this to display both Avatar and Name for logged in User.. am using Elgg 1.8 with Social Login Made a plugin and could activate it via Admin login .after activation the Admin User Icon and Name come up fine. But after Admin logs... view reply
  • learning joined the group Elgg Technical Support
  • learning commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    @Jeroen Dalsem Re hereunder : ==== Szirmai Tibor 258 days ago Hi Jeroen, I'm brand new in Elgg development, and I use Elgg 1.8.14; and would like to allow users to search on multiple profile fields, added by profile manager. I see on your...
  • learning commented on the plugin Social Login
    @Gerard - sorry couldn't get it to work... Meanwhile, found anoter Plugin .. Social Connect by Federico Mestrone which seems to be working fine.....managed to connect FB and Linkedin...ah well, thanks for your attention and efforts...
  • learning commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    Hi All I am trying to use this Plugin for a Resume' Storing and Searching kind of functionality. People will enter different data ( Name, Function, Job role, Sector, Qualification,  location, CV etc.. ) and then any member of a Group ( say...
  • learning commented on the plugin Social Login
    Thanks .. this is a plain install and the ONLY plugin installed till now is yours :-) Do I need to install the HYBRIDAUTH Libraries first ? If so, how ? In Configure>Settings>Advanced Settings>Enable Elgg's web services API should be...