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  • knation commented on the plugin Westors deleteMe
    hmm. doesnt activate on my site - tried first last/last position in the plugin list - any ideas ?  
  • knation commented on the plugin ElggChat - fixed for 1.7
    A question: In my error log I get thousands of these (the chat is working): [23-Jun-2010 11:36:22] WARNING: 2010-06-23 11:36:22 (CEST): "krsort() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given" in file /xxxx/mod/elggchat/actions/poll.php (line...
  • knation replied on the discussion topic National character issue in message replies ??
    Just wanted to update this. The fix #6359 solves this problem perfectly ! Thank you ! Knation view reply
  • knation commented on the plugin Database Validator
    Does this work with 1.7.1 ? thanks  
  • knation commented on the plugin Widgets Plus!
    Brilliant - thanks guys, will test tomorrow thumbs up Knation  
  • knation commented on the plugin Custom index with widgets
    thanks for a great plugin ! A question from an Elgg beginner: If been looking for general widgets for the dashboard like your like latest blogs, wires and have not been able to find these simple widgets in here ? Most widgets seem to only show my...
  • knation commented on the plugin Widgets Plus!
    Great plugin ! tried it on my test site, and found the following: It doesnt work well with Profile Manager plugin. All my custom profile fields that were multiselect dropdowns, dissapeared from profile edit and registration. Tried ordering W+...
  • knation commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    Great plugin thank you for your efforts Jeroen - have 2 issues. Have read through available threads, but haven't found the solution (I'm on Elgg 1.7.1): I get a "blank" option on my radio buttom fields on both reg form, edit profile and search. How...