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  • Kyle Pope added a new discussion topic Adding Discussions to Custom Index in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I have modified the Custom Index plugin to show only the User Welcome, TheWire, Recent Discussions, and Files. Everything works well except the discussions panel. It only shows links to discussion topics rather than the first lines of the topics (as...
  • Dan, Thank you for your reply. You may be onto the problem. I was using a plugin called "Notification Subjects" that allows an administrator to tweak the subject line of e-mails to give descriptive subject headings. It worked great but... view reply
  • I just checked a test post I made about 15 minutes ago and it did send an e-mail, but it is the first in several days. Why is this so inconsistent? Several that were posted earlier in the day were never sent. Thanks. view reply
  • Please help me! I have used Elgg 2.1.2 to design a private Members Section for our church. Below are the plugins I am using and their order in the Admin section. I have disabled friends, renamed the Wire to "Posts", setup minute,...
    • When using a site email address for your Elgg site that is not from your site domain, it's quite unlikely that the mail server on your domain will send any mails with this email address in the from field in the mail headers. Are you really sure that you can't set up a mail address in CPanel? Ask your webhost about it.

      With an email address from another domain used as site email, you will have to install a plugin that sends emails with smtp for sure. But the better option is to have an email address with your domain as site email and send any mails from Elgg directly from your server.

    • Hello,
      Yes, I wanted that, but unfortunately my hosting company do not allow it for my package. So I have had to set it up with my gmail account, and using the emailplus plugin. It is now working with sending out messages, but not notifications. Strange, as I also have notifier plugin installed as well.

    • I'm not using / never used any of these plugins. If something fails to work as expected you might want to ask the developers of these plugins directly if there's a bug in their plugins or if you do something wrong. I think the Notifier plugin deals with on-site notifications only anyway, so it wouldn't send out emails anyway. Maybe it fails to work together with the Emailplus plugin though (i.e. causing the emails notifications not to be send). You could also try if the sending of emails notifications works as expected without the Notifier plugin. And last but not least, the emails will only be sent if the user has enabled the corresponding notification setting in their user settings.