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  • Kit Huynh added a new discussion topic Custom Menu in the group Plugin Development
    I just started using Elgg, and I am creating a plugin right now for a custom main menu.  So for instance, I have a mainmenu.php file located in "mod/myplugin/mainmenu.php".  I tried to use "echo elgg_view( $CONFIG-> wwwroot ....
    • If you are trying to pass a URL to elgg_view, you need to read the docs more carefully.

      Sorry, but that is what they are there for - to avoid answering the same questions over and over again.

    • I've looked at other plugins, and it looks like they have a page handler for any custom views they made.  So declaring page handler and then a method for the page handler should work.  However in the page handler method what gets stored as page[0], page[1]. etc?  I am first led to believe that all custom views need to be in a VIEWS folder in order to use the elgg_view() function, is this true?

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