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  • vantel replied on the discussion topic Post by email?
    douglerner, The LISTSERVE Plugin is the easiest way to do this, however, it needs some configuration job. You can find this in README.   view reply
  • You can go to USER ADMINISTRATION. There you will find the USERS and click on their names. This will take to you to that USER's profile, where you will find options to either ACTIVATE USER or DELETE USER. Hope this answers your question. view reply
  • vantel replied on the discussion topic Please help...No One Has Been Able to Answer My Question Yet!
    The simplest way to do this is by setting the Access Permisson in Site Administration to PUBLIC. This would enable all content to be publicly accessible to visitors, except content set to PRIVATE or LOGGED IN USERS by members. You will also need a... view reply
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  • vantel replied on the discussion topic Does elgg work with yahoo hosting? in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I have yahoo hosting and was wondering if elgg will work with them? I tried to follow all of the instructions for install and when i went to the elgg folder that was uploaded to my site the install did not begin as the instructions said it would,...
    • A dummy here. I just discovered elgg two days ago... but soon realized it was not that easy for a non-tech person. I have used wordpress (don't laugh) with yahoo webhosting, and well, it's easy. So I thought I would just put the elgg files in a folder in my site ( I did read instructions). Well, it's been 48 hours now, and every minute I find something new. I am starting to get frustrated, so many words "apache", "bug", "myphpadmin"...

      Well, too start off I found out I needed to have php 5.2 or higher, but my yahoo server shows it has either 4 or 5, so I guess it might not work. I gues it can be upgraded, also Mysql something 5 or higher but I couldn't find what version yahoo has.

      I guess I will need serious help as I do want a stunning site, not public, for my students. Well I had to start somewhere.

      Just to release the slight frustration. Good luck everyone. 

    • Sprach,

      Sorry you're having so much trouble.  If you spend more than 30 minutes fighting with the same problem and aren't able to figure it out -- best to ask in the community about it (after searching to see if it's already been addressed of course!).  Best to you in your endeavors!

  • vantel replied on the discussion topic mysql problem in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, before of all sorry for my poor english. I have mysql 5.0 but when I install elgg I have this error: ""The database backend you have installed doesn't meet the basic requirements to run Elgg. Please consult your documentation.""  
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  • vantel replied on the discussion topic my elgg community is messed up in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, well currently i was messing around by mistake in the site admin settings and i changed the the url of it and it messed up everything now its not getting on to work so i deleted the community of elgg and installed it again and deleted the...