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  • Kaaya Pezzuti replied on the discussion topic Fatal error When upload image from profile
    How can i get more information? its possible? view reply
  • Kaaya Pezzuti added a new discussion topic Fatal error When upload image from profile in the group Beginning Developers
    Hi guys im beginner, on ELGG,  When i try to upload a image to my profile, came this message "FATAL ERROR" I made a video for you guys see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAgi-G99ys8 Anyone know what happens? First of...
    • How can i get more information? its possible?

    • I see in the video that you are trying to upload a quite large image (high image resolution) to be used as profile image. The resolution is much larger than it would be used for the profile image. Elgg creates some resized versions of the uploaded image to be used as thumbnails on the various pages of an Elgg site. My guess is that the image resizing causes the error on your site because the memory required for this taks is higher than the memory allowed to be used.

      By default Elgg uses the GD php extension for creating the thumbnails. Unfortunately, the GD extension requires VERY MUCH memory if the original image has a large image resolution.

      You could do the following:

      • Increase the memory_limit set in the hidden file .htaccess in the install directory of your site if your server has enough memory for it (default size is 64M; you could increase it for example to 128M),
      • Try using a smaller image. It makes no sense to upload a large image because Elgg will not use the high resolution anyway and display only smaller images everywhere
      • If you are using Elgg 3 AND you have the imagick PHP extension installed on your server (or can install it), you can uncomment the line $CONFIG->image_processor = 'imagick'; in the file elgg-config/settings.php. Instead of the GD library the imagick image library will be used for creation of image thumbnails. In this case the memory requires is much lower.