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About me: Researcher @LEaD - Universidade Aberta, Portugal. Online learning, e-learning 2.0, etc.2.0 and beyond :-)

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  • José Mota replied on the discussion topic 140 Character Limit in elgg 1.8.3
     I did the following and it is working for me (Elgg 1.8.1): - Ignored step 5, since I have no such directory either (mod/thewire/views/default/thewire/forms) - followed the instructions in a comment to the post you referred... view reply
  • José Mota replied on the discussion topic Elgg is off from Top of mind? No education skils?
    I think Cerceau makes a good point. Jane Hart is a huge influencer both on the educational and on the training areas and she has promoted Elgg a lot. The list results from the voting of users, so it will probably reflect what Trajan says.... view reply
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  • José Mota added a new discussion topic Friends and Friends of in Elgg in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I might be getting it wrong, but I think there are some problems with these notions of "friends" and "friends of" in Elgg. These relatioships are not reciprocal, and they could, for the sake of clarity, be understood as "following" (the people whose...
    • Jose, totaly agree with you and I actually prefer reciprocal way.

      The elgg friendship system is not very logical itself and can be only use with friendrequest module. hope this can be introduced as option in the near future...

    • You can think of Elgg "friends" as a special access collection that you control and to which you want to grant special permissions to.

      This is not really the same as the Facebook friends (which are reciprocal) or the Twitter followers (for the reasons you state).

      Just because Elgg doesn't do things the same way as Twitter or Facebook doesn't make the feature a problem.

      I don't see much difficulty with mimicking the Twitter followers though, because you can always make your content public and users have the ability to subscribe to notifications for any user or group they desire. Actually the Elgg system is better than the Twitter system as you can choose to make some of your content available only to specific collections of people.

      My clients usually find the Elgg concept useful, but on occasion they want something else (usually the Facebook reciprocal concept) and as Martinez points out, there are plugins to do this.

      In my view the friends user interface should be removed from core Elgg and instead plugins should be able to expose a variety of different options. This has been discussed on this Trac ticket here:

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