• Jose Br commented on the plugin Translation Editor
    I found the problem. There was an installation error.THanksJOSE BROIDE 
  • Jose Br commented on the plugin Translation Editor
    Hi Ive installed the plugin in Elgg:Release - 1.8.14, Version - 2013030600and when I try to use the translator i Get this error ------------------------------------- Forbidden You don't have permission to access /pps2013/translation_editor/ on...
  • Jose Br commented on the plugin Invite members to groups
    Hi.I ve migrated to 1.7Now there is a bugEach time I invite a member I get an error " a field is missing"  ( "falta rellenar un campo"), and i am logged out Any idea? thanks Jbroide
  • Jose Br replied on the discussion topic 1970 problem again
    HiI had the 1970 problem.For solving it , it was enough to move the calendar plugin to the end.Everything looks to work okThank for the pluginjbroide view reply
  • HI Ive installed the plugin. It works fine to import the emails, But i have problems when i try to send the invitations. I get a message:; "There was a problem , try again" ( this is not the real message, i am working in spanish) , Any idea? Do i...
  • Jose Br commented on the plugin Site Feedback Form
    Hi I found the problem ive had.It was in the transaltion file. I was using " for the text in the translation file. Ive changet with simple colon and everything worked ok.jbroide
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