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  • jasoos added a new discussion topic How to change SMTP server address setting ! in the group Elgg Technical Support
    My website is transferred to new server location, which leads to error in sending emails.  I contacted the service provider, and they recommended to change the SMTP setting. I tried looking into php.ini file ... but there were no SMTP...
    • Elgg does not use SMTP to send email notifications. Only if you use some additional plugin it might be that your Elgg site sends the mails via SMTP. In this case the SMTP settings would have to be changed in the plugin settings of this plugin.

      What exactly do you mean by the transfer to a new server location? Has only the server changed with the domain name being the same? What is used as site email of the site (see Basic Settings)? If the domain name has changed and the site email address is from the old domain the server might deny sending the emails. If the domain name has not changed (and site url etc. also hasn't to be changed) the question is if the email account used as site email exists on the new server and if the MTA (mail transfer agent, e.g. Postfix) is set up on the server. The MTA must be set up for sending of mails to work as Elgg itself relies on it and has no email server capabilites itself.

  • jasoos added a new discussion topic Unknown activity in log file ! in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I am using ELGG v1.8 My log browser shows some unusual activity with no user or user GUD information ! Should I be worried ?  Tue, 02 Oct 2018 01:14:01...
    • You could know more information using the bundled plugin 'Elgg Developer Tools': add  unknown GUIDs (157048, 37815, 157047 etc) in Tools -> Entity explorer via Administration to know what going wrong.

      Advice: don't use the outdated Elgg version. Upgrade it.

    • I think that's perfectly alright. Nothing to worry about.

      As I normally don't use the log browser plugin at all (using my No Logging plugin to prevent Elgg log entries from being created as these log entries seem not useful to me at all) I had to check the logbroser entries in a test installation first and I see the same kind of entries without anything in the User and UserGUID columns. Some log entries just won't get anything for these columns.

  • Once I activated SSL certificate on my website (ELGG1.8.9), the comment editor box looses its formatting bar !! How can I fix it ?  Thanks for your time.  
    • Elgg 1.8 is no longer supported (for years). Might be that a newer version of Elgg works better / without issues over SSL. You could also try https://elgg.org/plugins/782028 which has a newer version of the Tinymce editor than the version included in Elgg 1.8. Maybe this version works also fine over SSL if it's only an issue with the Tinymce editor itself. Nonetheless, updating to a newer version of Elgg is something you should keep in mind.

  • jasoos replied on the discussion topic can not receive the email from my website
    Server personal reply this: As we mentioned earlier the server supports all the requirements. You need to make sure that mails are being sent with smtp authentication from your scripts.  In all our shared servers cpanel supports exim as... view reply
  • jasoos added a new discussion topic can not receive the email from my website in the group Elgg Technical Support
    After server migration, I end up into email configuration error. I am unable to receive any email from the website. My service provider suggest these: It seems that your scripts are using smtp without authentication due to which these emails...
  • jasoos commented on the plugin Questions and Answers
    Question does not appear in search !!! How to made it searchable ?
  • jasoos replied on the discussion topic Google adsense code in HTML
    I tried your suggested approach, but it seems not working as google reply to paste it again :( Is there any other way to achieve the same.? view reply
  • jasoos replied on the discussion topic Google adsense code in HTML
    Thanks for reply. BUT ... There is no head.php file in this theme ( https://elgg.org/plugins/849006 ) !!!! view reply

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