About me: We are leading elgg providers. We have implemented complex combination of applications like "elgg + elasticsearch + cloud infrastructure + comet server for active pages"
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    Greeting Friends! I've been away for quite long from elgg community but i was never away from elgg. and recently i've been tracking updates of elgg. We have a fleet of new interns in our company and i'm decided to take izap_videos...
    • 2. We switched to DBAL, but we don't use query builders yet, so doubt you can switch to another driver without havibg to modify a bunch of queries.
      3. Ewan did some work with React and Angular. I think the lesson learnt is you have to throw away the view system and start from scratch to make it work.
      4. We are fully compatible with PHP7. HHVM is not fully supported - there are some failing tests, but I imagine there isn't much work to have it all fixed.

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    Hi Adc, May i know what kind of favicons do you need? Please share your requirements. Thanks  Izap support view reply
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    Hi brandy, Thanks for asking. Yes, there is provision to build separate homepage along with site building and this will be for Registered/ non-registered users. There is possibility available in both ways  a) To build an... view reply
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    Hi Yassine,  Thanks for asking. We have built a plug-in “IZAP VIDEOS” which can manage On server / Off server videos.  Let me explain you about On server/Off server updates: On server Video: A user can select a video from... view reply