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  • Hello together, I'm new here, so thanks for the opportunity and I hope to get some help. I searched a lot but didn't find any conclusion. I'm experiencing a php fatal error when trying to bringing up the elgg software. First of...
    • Could you try with PHP 7.1 instead of PHP 7.2? Final version of 7.2 is not yet out, and it might be that it's a bug in PHP causing this fatal error instead of just a warning as it seems to have been before. Or it might be that Elgg is just not yet ready for PHP 7.2 if there had been some backward incompatible changes made in PHP 7.2 with regards to incompatible method declarations.

    • Php 7.2 is not for production use. 7.1.11 is last stable version. I am using 7.1.8 and Elgg2.3.4

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