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  • isabellaspades replied on the discussion topic TidyPics for Elgg 3+?
    Why thank you, lovely! view reply
  • isabellaspades added a new discussion topic TidyPics for Elgg 3+? in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi there. Is there a way to recreate the functionality of the tidypic plugin for elgg 3.2? I'm completely new to all of this, so sorry if it's stupid question!
    • @Rohit, I wanted to follow up with you on the tidypics for Elgg3+. Did you have a chance to look into the issues with plupload? One of the errors I have is 'Uncaught TypeError: $(...).pupload is not a function' in uploading.js line 41.


    • @Rohit

      I use your tidypics version for my Elgg3.3.8 site and found some issues. After I fixed those found issues, tidypics is now working on Elgg3.3.8. I just wanted to keep you posted on what I changed in addition to your tidypics pull request.

      1) tidypics/start.php - I registered Plupload-related JS and CSS in init function below:

      elgg_register_external_file('js', 'plupload-js', elgg_get_simplecache_url('tidypics/js/plupload/plupload.full.min.js'));

      elgg_register_external_file('js', 'jquery-plupload', elgg_get_simplecache_url('tidypics/js/plupload/jquery.ui.plupload/jquery.ui.plupload.min.js'));

      elgg_register_external_file('css', 'plupload-css', elgg_get_simplecache_url('tidypics/css/plupload/css/jquery.ui.plupload.css'));

      elgg_register_external_file('css', 'jqueryui-theme', elgg_get_simplecache_url('tidypics/css/jqueryui-theme.css'));


      2. tidypics/views/default/resource/tidypics/photos/image/upload.php - replaced elgg_require_js and elgg_require_css 





      elgg_load_external_file('js', 'plupload-js');

      elgg_load_external_file('js', 'jquery-plupload');

      elgg_load_external_file('css', 'jqueryui-theme');

      elgg_load_external_file('css', 'plupload-css');


      3. tidypics/elgg-plugin.php - updated collection:object:photos:download route

      Old - 'path' => '/photos/download/{guid}/{disposition}'

      New - 'path' => '/photos/download/{guid}/{disposition?}'


      4. tidypics/views/default/js/tidypics/tidypics.js - no need to use colorbox for tidypics-lightbox

      5. tidypics/views/default/object/image/full.php - used elgg-lightbox-photo instead of tidypics-lightbox


      Please test it and let me know what you would like to move forward with your pull request.



  • isabellaspades commented on the plugin Blog Tools
    Hi, thanks! I'm still getting used to the version compatability.  
  • isabellaspades commented on the plugin Blog Tools
    I get an error upon activation: missing start.php?