• iionly commented on the blog Elgg 3.0.3 released
    There shouldn't be any risk of losing data when replacing the files in the Elgg install folder with the files of a newer Elgg version. If you haven't modified any core files yourself, the only files that contain site-specific data are...
  • iionly replied on the discussion topic Spam Anmeldungen
    Captchas sind leider nicht mehr ausreichend genug, um Spammer draussen zu halten. Sie können wahrscheinlich immer noch die Anzahl der durch Spambots erstellten Accounts reduzieren aber nicht mehr vollständig (und manchmal werden Accounts... view reply
  • iionly replied on the discussion topic tidypics_v2.3.6 Link Blank
    Ich vermute, mit der Farbe "brau" meinst Du die "blauen" Titel der Bilder. Die Farbe für diesen Text wird in mod/tidypics/views/default/photos/css.php durch das color Attribut bei der Klasse tidypics-heading... view reply
  • iionly replied on the discussion topic Please help Problem updating from 2.3.4 to 3.0.0
    Have you upgraded Elgg before or have you never tried it? Have you installed Elgg with composer or had you installed it by using the zip archive available here on the site? composer only deals with upgrading the content of the install folder... view reply
  • iionly replied on the discussion topic What the best Elgg 2.3 or Elgg 3
    The default theme of Elgg 3 has been quite thoroughly rewritten. It should cope better on varying screen resolutions (even if the de-facto default theme of Elgg 2, i.e. the Aalborg theme, was also a responsive theme). It should also be easier to... view reply

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