• iionly replied on the discussion topic Role of Thematic Networks?
    See also The founders of Elgg (Ben Werdmuller and Dave Tosh) originally created the company Curverider Ltd for the Elgg development and to offer services related to Elgg. Curverider Ltd was aquired by... view reply
  • iionly replied on the discussion topic Paging of frequently changing data on Elgg 2.3.16
    I can't really help you with the decision here as I have no idea what kind of data you want to display. If this data is changing so frequently, does it even make sense to display it? Does it make sense to display all of it or wouid it enough... view reply
  • iionly replied on the discussion topic Elgg as it is vs OSSN
    I don't know how active the development of OSSN is. True, there are not so many plugin developers active anymore for Elgg. But is it different at OSSN? OSSN started by cloning the code of Elgg. As already mentioned it did that without making... view reply
  • iionly replied on the discussion topic Fatal error When upload image from profile
    I see in the video that you are trying to upload a quite large image (high image resolution) to be used as profile image. The resolution is much larger than it would be used for the profile image. Elgg creates some resized versions of the uploaded... view reply
  • iionly commented on a page titled Startseite verändern
    Im Adminbereich bei den Site Settings gibt es die Option "Restrict pages to logged-in users". Damit kannst Du Deine Seite zu einer Walled Garden-Seite machen, d.h. das Besucher, die nicht auf der Seite angemeldet sind, keinen Zugang zu den...

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