• iionly replied on the discussion topic Upgrading
    On Elgg 1.x you would have to upgrade only one minor Elgg version (2nd number) at a time, i.e. 1,7 -> 1.8 -> 1.9 -> 1.10 -> 1.11 ->1.12. With each minor release you can update directly to the latest bugfix release (the highest 3rd... view reply
  • Are you definitely sure that you have Elgg version 3.3 installed? Could it be that you have installed Elgg 2.3 instead? Before Elgg 3 a start.php file was required. Now it could have happened that you unzipped the plugin archive within a... view reply
  • iionly replied on the discussion topic Loading a videojs plugin (videojs-record)
    With the recent versions of iZAP Videos ( I made use if videojs to provide HTML5 support. It's loaded via an AMD module. I haven't made use of any additional videojs plugins so I don't know if it's... view reply
  • iionly replied on the discussion topic Groups inside groups ?
    There's the Subgroups plugin ( but it hadn't been upgraded for Elgg 2 (or 3). Probably there's not that many people in need of its functionality (in this case also: no funding for the upgrade work). view reply
  • iionly replied on the discussion topic Cannot Login - Fresh Install
    I don't know if Softaculous is capable of installing the recent versions of Elgg correctly. Maybe they maintain their installer but the Softaculous development has nothing to do with Elgg. The only possibility to make sure the problem is not due... view reply

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