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  • h3ndrik added a new discussion topic Error 403 Forbidden when configuring plugins in the group Elgg Technical Support
    When I hit the "Save" button after configuring izap_video or tidypics settings, I always get an 403 Forbidden error. Apache error.log says: [Wed Jun 30 19:58:15 2010] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: WARNING: 2010-06-30 19:58:15...
    • It looks like ModSecurity is hitting a match on save actions for these plugins.  Just a guess, but it could be because these plugins are passing the path of required binaries (eg, /usr/bin/ffmpeg) in POST which is being caught by the ModSecurity rule (scanning for 'bin').

    • Thank you very much. I didn't know that. Just stripped the "/usr/bin/" and now it works. Damn POST ;)

  • h3ndrik added a new discussion topic TheWire Access level dropdown? in the group Elgg Technical Support
    When will access levels come to "thewire"?Sourcecode says: "// For now, set its access to public (we'll add an access dropdown shortly)" In case this is not planned for the near future... Plugins seem to be very different in codestyle and...
    • I completely agree that many of the plugins are poorly written. One of the objectives for Elgg 1.8 is to rewrite some these core plugins. I believe the first version of the blog rewrite is finished. You can get it from svn or look at the code here:

      It only works on the Elgg 1.8 code base, but you can see that it is a much tighter plugin. You could use it as a template.

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