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  • grandt commented on the plugin User Support
    This is most valued and a very very nice plugin :-) It comes in very handy and does what i'ts suposed to do. Thank you ever so much Jerome :-) Great job hope you keep improving it.
  • grandt commented on the plugin Embedded Login
    Hi Jeroen :-) Oooh so cool it virly does the job, and works great :-) Only little hick up is it's a bit narow. Betwwen Username and Password. But all in all Great great job. Thank you for this wonderful much needed plugin Jeroen.
  • grandt commented on the plugin Sitecode for Elgg [1.8-1.1X]
    Wohooo great plugin Jus the answer to one of my prayers :-) An extra layer to block thoose you do not want to register, great i hope you will keep updating this fine plugin. Works o elgg 1.8.2 too.


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