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  • gunu commented on the plugin Group Operators
    Hello, can I make this plugin work for 1.6.1 ? Thanks
  • gunu commented on the plugin AU Group Notifications
    Nice plugin, just what I needed, thanks! But there is one thing.  It works when users are in a group and I run the plugin from the Administration section but when I invite a user to a group and the user is cliking the (e-mail)link to login and...
  • gunu commented on the plugin vazco_tinymce
    Vazco, your "vazco_tinymce" works perfect!!! I found the mistake (my fault) now it works great. Only the admin can place javascript on the page. Users don't have the "code button" .... Thanks
  • gunu added a new discussion topic User can choose Language in settings, how to disable this? in the group General Discussion
    I'm using one language (English) and no language packs are installed. But when a user changes his setting there is a possiblity to change the language. In the code I see "get installed translations" I don't have installed any translations so I...
    • This is a thing that would interest me, too. I currently get some white pages and could narrow it down to users who set a different language than "en".



    • that's hardcoded into the core. If you really want to do that find the view for the relevant settings page and comment out the section that shows the language dropdown.

    • 1. Check your language files for BOM (google that for more information)

      2. To remove the setting, override the user/settings/language view

  • Hello Mark, I tried this and it seems to work but I got a problem. As a user of a group makes a choice "private" in the "original" access settings then others can not "edit" or "delete" the album/pages etc. but they can "see" the album/pages....
  • gunu commented on the plugin vazco_tinymce
    Vazco, maybe your conversation was with someone else I think, but anyway. I wish to put a video in a page. I made in the header of the theme a javascript that calls a file that is necessary for the javascript in the body. This works. Now I need...
  • gunu commented on the plugin vazco_tinymce
    Vazco, the whole conversation is in this post...... (?) I assume the "code button" is the same as the "html source editor" button I disabled the htmlawed. I paste the Javascript inside the text box in html source editor mode but there...
  • gunu commented on the plugin vazco_tinymce
    Vazco, yes I have disabled htmlawed.